Been Busy

Not much going on exercise wise. I started a new workout plan this week and was meant to be doing yoga twice a week to increase my flexibility, but that’s not happening. I can’t find my yoga mat after the cleaners came last week. I can not figure out where they could have put it. I’m sure I’ll find it when move out 🙂

I’m doing pretty good in eating so far this week. I didn’t last week, I had pasta twice. It was so good though! Now my meals are going to get strange since I want to eat up as much in my pantry as possible.

I did a strength workout today and then went and work moving boxes and stuff for an hour. I need to move my 2 small storage units into 1 big one. I figure I will work on it for an hour a day and will have it done by the weekend.

I’m going to be looking at condos in Eugene this weekend, most of the places I’m going to look at have a garage. That way I can make a home gym and not need to spend the money on a gym when I don’t use everything in it. I used my homemade sandbags during weight training today. I might end up buying another bag of sand in the not too distant future. Or I might go to Play it again sports and see if they have any cheap kettlebells. Those things are way too expensive to buy new.

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