You ever go shopping and get so excited about a new outfit when you are trying it on in the store, but when you actually go to wear it you don’t like it? That was me today. In July, I was shopping and picked up a pair of pants that I was really excited about. I thought they would be great pants to wear around home or traveling that weren’t yoga pants. I put them on today for the first time since I bought them. 🙁 They are too big; they have a huge saggy crotch area. If you can grab a big hand full of cloth between your legs, the pants are too big. They are size 14/16 too. Plus they have zippers on the calf/ankle area and with the way I sit in my work chair, it digs into my ankle. Total Bummer.

I made some biscuits today that were ok. They have shortening in them so they had a texture I wasn’t expecting.

I’m super tired tonight and I am really glad today was a rest day, so no exercise. I was up before 5 am this morning to try and fix an issue at work. I hate when people tell me at 5 pm Pacific that something is broken and they need it to work by 9 am Eastern the next day. Needless to say, I got up and was working by 5 am and it took until after noon Pacific time before the issue was corrected.

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