Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a good holiday season, I sure did! I am back in a place of my own now, no longer on vacation and am ready to get back to my new routines. I started the year off right today and went for a walk in my new neighborhood. The loop I did is almost exactly 1 mile and includes some hills so that is nice. I’ll try a different route next time. I have set up a little mini gym in my garage that I am looking forward to trying out tomorrow. It has some free weights, bosu ball and a stability ball with room for more as I get in better shape.

I also started eating healthy again today. I let myself go last month, I ate what I wanted whenever I wanted. It wasn’t pretty. lol I’m trying to decide if I should focus on eating healthy or limiting calories first. I don’t think I could do both at once, it will feel too much like a diet and like I’m depriving myself. If I start with one for the first month and then add the other part starting in February I will hopefully keep with it.

I’m now trying to decide what events to do this year. I have already signed up for a Spartan Sprint for June so that is scheduled. I’ve been thinking of signing up for the Eugene Half Marathon on May 1st. I’m pretty sure I can’t run the whole thing, so I found a training plan to do a run/walk instead. I will start that on Monday and see how it goes. It is a 12 week plan and I have about 16 weeks to get ready, but I’m not sure that is enough time. There is also a Spartan Sprint in Portland again this year that I might do. I haven’t decided on that one either. I am also thinking about doing a 5k per month like I did last year. It helps keep me motivated, but it gets kind of spendy.

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