Monthly Recap

So I decided to check my weight and measurements a little early again this month due to travel. I knew by last weekend that it wasn’t going to be a really good month and I was right. I did manage to lose 1 pound though. My measurements stayed pretty much the same, a few even seem a little bigger. Maybe it was muscle growth?

Even though today was supposed to be a rest day, I did my cardio work. I’m going to be traveling for about 16 hours tomorrow and know I won’t be exercising at all. I’m about to start my last week of the Spartan plan and will be starting a self created plan in  another week. I will spend time this week getting a plan ready; if I just try to wing it I won’t get very far. I’m going to add yoga a couple of times a week to increase my flexibility in addition to cardio and strength work. I’ll post the plan once I get it ready and will post about how it’s going.

This week might be a lost food wise. I leave for upstate New York tomorrow returning home on Thursday and then turn around to head to Vancouver to see family on Friday. I think by next Sunday I will be glad to sleep in my own bed for while. 🙂

The cleaners come tomorrow to do a deep clean on my place so I can get it listed this week. It will be nice to come how to a super clean home.

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