Run Results

Sweet Heart Run in Sweet Home- Feb 14th, 5k, 53 minutes. Walked the whole thing, ended 106 out of 113. Last female in the age group by 2 minutes.

Run to get Lucky in Corvallis- Mar 14th, 5k, 48 minutes. Jogged for about 3 1/2 minutes. Ended 205/222, 26/30 for age group and 129/144 of females.

Jog for the Hog in Vancouver- Apr 18th  5k, no time. I got busy talking with my sister-in-law and forgot to start my watch.

Mud Run in Lebanon- May 16th, 5k, 59 minutes. Pretty good time for my first obstacle course.

Neon Night Run at OSU- June 5th, 5k, 45:53. Did a lot of jogging for the first 2 miles. Alternating 20 – 40 seconds of jogging with walking.

Run with the Bulls in Eugene- July 12th, 4 miles, 56:09. Did lots of jogging and was able to bring my pace way down. I can now do a mile in 14:03, in March it was 15:41, so I’ve gotten lots better. This was also the longest distance yet.

Spartan Sprint in Washougal, WA- Aug 8th, did not finish. I did manage over 3 miles and about 15 obstacles though. Need more practice heaving my body over stuff. Signed up for another one. 🙂

Parents for PES in Philomath, OR- Sept 12th, 5k. Think I did in around 44 minutes. I can’t get the history page to load on my app. I will keep trying. I averaged a less than 14 minute mile pace, although I did have to take a potty detour during the second mile, that added about 30 seconds to my pace. I did lots of jogging too. I actually went 3.25 miles instead of a straight 3.1.

Dirty Duck in Eugene, OR – Oct 24th, 5k,

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